The heart of a love song is in the embrace of loss, in this masochist cuddling with what we no longer have, in the preciousness of memory wrapped in grace and anger.

Grief therapy is the exorcism of the other. The rejection of the body translated into a liberating vomit, a spasm of growth and learning.

The Thunder & Co are a Portuguese dance music band leaning to the emotional which sound is characterised by rocking beats wrapped in mournful chords and tense environments.

Romeu Runa embodies unlike any other these boderline states of existence, extends the feeling until such time as it comes off of us to gain life. Blending beauty and discomfort in a poem that floats in space.

This  video reinforces Solid Dogma´s advertised positioning to combine the ability to create and produce based on an artistic approach in expression and talent sourcing.

Creation and production: Solid Dogma

Actor: Romeu Runa

Producer: Leonor Viegas

Director: André Santos

Assistant director: John Sousa

Dop: Rita Grazina

Lighting: Antonio Matias

Assistant producer : Luciano Manso

Thanks: Bruna, Cristina and Ivo – “Farturas À Otário”

, Thunder & Co – N.I.K. , Thunder & Co – N.I.K. , Thunder & Co – N.I.K. , Thunder & Co – N.I.K.